WEBINAR : The Legal Landscape; A View of HR Post-Brexit

WEBINAR : The Legal Landscape; A View of HR Post-Brexit


The HR World have partnered with legal firm Gregg Latchams to discuss the possible changes to employment law post Brexit and the impacts on HR.                

The HR World Director, Tom Parnell, will be joined by John Dalby (Director of Employment) and Harriet Broughton (Associate) from Gregg Latchems and will be discussing a number of topics all of which link to how the employment landscape may change as we move into the Brexit era. 


Topics that this webinar will cover include:               

  • A brief look at the relationship between UK and EU law
  • Working Time Directive and Regulations: hours of work/holiday entitlement/pay calculations/holiday v sickness
  • TUPE: what, if any, changes could be adopted?
  • Discrimination: what, if any, changes could be adopted?
  • Immigration: Free Movement of People and Data Collection

Our panellists include:



The webinar will aim to layout a timetable to change as well as practical steps for you to prepare.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions which we will look to respond to at the end of the presentation. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.




Author: The HR World

Posted on: Monday 22nd Aug 2016

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