The future of equal pay reporting

The future of equal pay reporting

The HR World and Osborne Clarke interview gender pay gap expert Dr Zara Nanu ahead of the next report on April 4th.

The gender pay gap reporting deadline on April 4th will see HR teams across the UK filing their results for a second year. We teamed up with leading law firm Osborne Clarke to interview Dr Zara Nanu to look at the main issues facing employers in 2019.

After the World Economic Forum claimed that it would take 217 years for the gender pay gap to close, Zara and her co-founders decided that wasn’t good enough, so they created Gapsquare, a company that uses data science to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

Zara is an expert on how diversity and inclusion can create a more empowering and productive workplace and believes that businesses can and should strive to generate social impact as well as revenues and profits.

As she points out in this interview with Osborne Clarke Senior Associate Martha Arnold, in 2018, 90% of UK companies undertook the gender pay gap analysis and published results and so we could be forgiven for thinking there would be a slight lessening of pressure this year – having done the analysis once, it’s easier to do again.

However, there is now a new focus on what has actually happened in the time between. How do the year-on-year numbers compare? And what has the real impact of the reporting process been on business and culture as a whole?

And, as Zara explains this process has opened up a “transparency agenda” for employers. Attracting top talent and improving productivity increasingly depends on being transparent about pay, ethnicity and how a company is evolving to deal with these important factors in an employee’s working life and overall contribution.

Martha is a Senior Associate in Osborne Clarke's Employment team. Martha advises employers across a full range of employment matters including diversity and inclusion issues and how employers can tackle gender pay within their organisation. More insights on employment and gender pay are available on Osborne Clarke's website

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Author: The HR World

Posted on: Wednesday 27th Mar 2019