The Changing Face Of HR

The Changing Face Of HR

The role and structure of the HR function within organisations has been debated over recent years both by the HR professionals themselves and as part of general business agenda. The primary driver for the structural transformation of HR has been their intention to maximise HR’s contribution to business performance and influence the decision making.

The HR community has fought for decades to be at the boardroom table and, therefore, needs to act and be seen as a strategic function supporting the business in order to earn and retain its seat on the executive. As the world of business changes in response to the recent events - the banking crisis, recession and international competition - HR must be in a position to respond to these changes and support business through any necessary transformation.

It is evident that business leaders recognise the link between talent management and successful business outcomes and see HR’s critical role in finding the right ways of engaging and motivating employees as a source of competitive advantage. So what do HR professionals need to do to ensure they are prepared to face such challenges? What does a great, strategic HR Department look like today and what will it look like in the future?

To explore this further and answer these questions, some of the UK’s leading HR professionals representing a variety of industries joined RSG’s Round Table Debate. The dinner held at Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, London, was led by Gillian Fox, Global Director of Talent and OE at Reckitt Benckiser, a successful global FMCG brand. RSG/The HR World will be publishing a white paper based on the Debate and further research into this topical issue.


Author: Caroline Beer

Posted on: Thursday 29th May 2014