EVENT: HR and Business; oil and water?

EVENT: HR and Business; oil and water?

On Thursday 2nd July, The HR World will host its eighth round table Debate in London:

HR and Business; oil and water?

Is HR in danger of becoming a professional silo? Of not being considered a trusted partner or not being used as a sounding board by the C suite? In order to be able to strategically advise and understand business challenges should HR spend some time ‘in the trenches’, in business and operational roles? These questions were raised at a previous debate and we are now creating an opportunity to address them in full.

To discuss what the business needs from HR, we are very pleased to announce that The HR World member John Power, who was until recently Strategy, Change & Governance Director, Retail Savings- Legal & General Assurance Society will be leading our round table dinner. John specialises in strategic planning, distribution strategies and service delivery, and has spent time in an L&D role delivering change; so he is well placed to deliver a business perspective which is backed by some HR experience.

In addition to sharing his experiences, John will also be focusing on the following areas:

  • Macro trends in the economy and workplace and the implications for HR
  • The skills required by HR professionals to support and influence business and to drive the cultural change agenda
  • How HR should position itself and gain the necessary business capability to have real impact and influence in today’s organisations
  • Does the professional services model provide a useful template for HR’s strategic function?

If you are interested in attending The HR World Debate or have any questions, please contact caroline.beer@thehrworld.co.uk.

A brand new white paper will follow the debate, and is due to be published in September. Click here to read our previous white papers.

Author: Caroline Beer

Posted on: Wednesday 27th May 2015