Employee engagement tactics for itchy feet

Employee engagement tactics for itchy feet


Year on year the festive season brings with it a flurry of restless employees resolving for a ‘new year, new job’. For HR, this is a problem. Many businesses will experience the new year as no more than a new desk calendar, but for those who do suffer with sudden staff migration the problem could be a symptom of an ongoing issue with employee engagement. Working on this should be more than a fire fighting effort up to the Christmas period. A year long commitment can improve staff retention across the board and throughout the year. In this post, guest blogger Richard Roberts, employee engagement specialist, takes a look at a few proactive ways to boost engagement in any organisation.


The ‘Four Enablers of Employee Engagement’

This is a model supported by the CIPD and ACAS. Each ‘enabler’ acts as a lens into your organisation and explores the key elements needed to create a culture that fosters engagement. I’ll take a look at each in the context of retaining your people.


1) Strategic narrative

Does your organisation have empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where its come from and where it’s going?

I am increasingly hearing from employees that they value understanding the purpose of their organisation, the direction it is heading and where they fit in. Leaders need to be able to communicate and clearly define and communicate what this is to retain their employees.

When was the last time this was communicated in your organisation? Do your leaders need help to do this?


2) Engaging and motivating managers

Are management giving their people focus and scope whilst treating them as individuals? Can they stretch and coach them to their goals?

Line managers have a lot resting on their shoulders, not the least being that they are the most likely reason for someone leaving an organisation. There’s that saying about ‘joining an organisation - but leaving a line manager’…

Are you investing in your line managers - so that they can recognise people’s strengths, give constructive feedback, recognise individual contributions and motivate to improve? All of which would have a positive effect on retention.


3) Employee voice

Are people encouraged to challenge and ask questions - both between functions and externally? Do employees feel that their opinions really count?

Engaged employees ask lots of questions, they are curious and they question the status quo - this leads to them having the desire to change things for the better. If employees don’t feel comfortable asking “why are we doing it this way” then they won’t feel their opinions count - or want to come forward with good ideas.

Does your culture encourage questioning - or do you think people would rather keep their heads down (while they plan their exit)?


4) Organisational integrity

Are the ‘values on the wall’ reflected in day to day behaviours? Are the expected behaviours explicit, understood and bought into? Is there a culture of high trust?

Values reflect what is important in an organisation - and having strong and genuine organisational values that employees can identify with (and believe) is where it all starts.

Think about the values in your business. Are they specific, simple, memorable and directive but most importantly are they lived on a day to day basis? If they are, your people will feel more personally engaged and motivated - and less likely to be contemplating leaving.

Want to know more? Oli Hartley, Head of L&D at RSG, details more ways leaders can deliver messages and company values with integrity here.


Measuring your own levels of employee engagement

If you would like to use the ‘Four Enablers’ to measure the levels of engagement in your organisation, the en:Rich engagement feedback audit has been designed to do just that.

It’ll help you look into your organisational culture and get a valuable view of your current levels of engagement and motivation. What’s more, you’ll identify the steps the business could be taking to retain employees and build greater team spirit.

en:Rich helps organisations succeed by creating engaged, motivated and highly productive people, teams and managers.

If you’d like to explore employee engagement options or want to know more about the en:Rich audit, please feel free to contact me for a chat.



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Author: Richard Roberts

Posted on: Tuesday 22nd Nov 2016