A view of HR post-Brexit; the poll results are in!

A view of HR post-Brexit; the poll results are in!

What are HR’s biggest business concerns following the decision for Brexit? Whilst Brexit will remain a topic of discussion for many months, even years to come, the initial media fallout appears to have settled on the debate. This opportunity for perspective has led us to wonder how HR really feel about Brexit now. Do HR feel prepared or apprehensive? To answer some of these questions The HR World held a webinar in partnership with legal firm Gregg Latchams to discuss both practical advice on the legal impacts Brexit may have on HR and to gage an opinion from the HR community.

We asked:

Are you concerned about the effect of Brexit on your business?

To this question the response was 86% in favour of ‘yes’ our HR listeners were almost entirely concerned about the effects of Brexit.

Do you find the Working Time regulations a challenge to your business?

We found that 84% of attendees did not find implementing the current Working Time regulations a challenge to their business. When discussing the changes which could be made to the UK’s current Working Time regulations, i.e. hours of work, holiday pay and sickness, the HR community expressed great concern. It would seem that many of the employment rights that we currently enjoy as a result of the EU could be subject to significant change and HR have suggested this is one of the biggest concerns that Brexit has caused for them.

Do you feel TUPE is a benefit or a burden?

TUPE is legislation which ensures the protection of employee rights when an employee transfers from one business to another in the instance that there has been a transfer of undertakings or a service provision change. When we asked if TUPE at present was a benefit or burden, 56% of attendees felt it to be a burden. Despite sounding simple in theory , the complications of applying TUPE can be an extremely difficult process. TUPE remains one of the more likely legislations which could be due a reform as a result of Brexit and, by the proportions of our findings, this could come gladly.

Finally, of the issues we have discussed which concern you the most?

Over the course of this webinar we discussed the issues of working time regulations, immigration, discrimination and TUPE. When asked which of these was the most concerning voters marked changes to immigration policies with the highest concern. The second highest concern was changes to Working Time regulations and discrimination followed shortly behind this. Our audience voted TUPE as the least concerning of all issues.

Author: The HR World

Posted on: Wednesday 19th Oct 2016